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The way things are

So after catching up on Here be Hippogriffs, I felt rather shameful about my total lack of updates for so long.  Sure life is busy, and sure, school is starting again, but Archer is important, and I want to be able to look back at this journal and remember his toddlerhood.  Clearly, I've been totally lazy and must work to get back in the swing of things. 

We have about a week until school starts for B and I.  Arch will be starting with a new sitter at the same time.  I'm hopeful that the transition won't be too rough for everyone.  I think, in Archer's case, it will be a good change.  I really like the new sitter and she will only have her son and Archer.  She emphasizes lots of field trips, which Archer loves, and her son is just a little younger than Arch.  She's a little more expensive than the last place, but right around the corner from our house, so all in all, i think it will be a very positive change. 

B has the course load from hell this semester; 14 hours of upper level chemistry and anatomy, plus a speech class and weight lifting thrown in for good measure.  He's also tutoring and working as a lab assistant, so I foresee horrific burnout by Thanksgiving.  But, i should give him more credit.  I'm sure he'll be fine.  We've only got 4 semesters to go. 

We've had a great summer.  We went to the beach at Gulf Shores for a week in July with my parents and brother and his fiancee.  Arch loved the sand, travel, car trip, snacks, saltwater, crafts at the resort, pretty much everything except the ocean itself.  The waves were too loud and strong "like the big bad wolf" and Arch was terrified they would wash him away.  No amount of reassurance would change his mind.   Still, it was a great trip. 

Arch and B have been home together since then.  I think B is really enjoying his return to the SAHD lifestyle, but I know Arch is wearing him out.  This is such a sweet age, and I don't really thing Archer is experiencing the "terrible twos" to a great extent, but he still can be very draining.  But the hugs and kisses and conversations go along way, and he's a very sweet and enjoyable kiddo for the most part. 

Our biggest issue is sleep.  Archer has never liked to sleep.  For most of the summer, he's been having night terrors and nightmares.  He wakes up 3 or 4 times a night, crying, shaking and choking, sometimes coherent, sometimes not.  Its pretty miserable.  Everyone says he should grow out of it, so we are waiting patiently and giving him chamomile before bedtime. 

Otherwise though,. he's still my wonderful, smart, silly little man, telling stories and playing games, learning to add and write numbers, frustrated that he can't read to himself yet.  Sometimes he's so shrewd, or says something so adult or well reasoned that it scares me.  But then he'll climb on my lap and ask me to hold him like a baby and all is right with the world.



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